The Salesman and The Farmer

by International Bestselling Author
J. Logan Arnold

#1 Bestseller on Amazon in several business categories



This teaching novel will educate, motivate and inspire you to levels of achievement like never before. It is so believable that you find yourself connecting with and living the lives of the characters, facing their challenges and discovering for yourself the ageless, proven steps of achieving your big dreams and goals. Hang on to your seat and get ready for the 'Big Leagues.' There is a reason for all the comments below.

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There is no better testament to a book than the unsolicited comments from readers

My girlfriend received a copy of your book, The Salesman and the Farmer. I saw it sitting on her table, picked it up and could not put it down. I hated to give the book back to her as there were so many things that hit home to me. I have never written to anyone after reading their book, but I just wanted to let you know that I plan on utilizing what I have learned. I wanted to say THANK YOU for writing such a great book.
~ Chris, Wisconsin

In your book, "The Salesman and the Farmer", I love the way you lay out a step by step process of setting and achieving goals that anyone can use to further their careers, as well as their personal lives. I have made this book a "required reading" in my sales development workshops because it helps us to achieve well beyond expected results from what we believe we could. Those attending these workshops have benefited tremendously by realizing just how simple it is to set a goal, nurture it, and then ride the "Prosperity Train" when it comes rolling through. "The Salesman and Farmer" is by far, one of the best development books I've read and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to break out of the norm and move to the next level of achievement.
~ Gary, Texas

The book wasn't what I expected. It was a sweet story with a powerful message. Thank you for reminding me throughout your book, what we all know inside... that we must expect great things in life and we'll create that reality. Thank you for your message of the importance of creating positive energy in such a challenging time for our planet.
~ Cathy, Florida

Alexander, aka Mr. Arnold, I thank you so very much for this wonderful book... It is being passed around through our real estate agents. I feel blessed to have read it ---- It reminded me of what I was taught years ago....when you think that you have reached "rock bottom", just reach a little deeper into your inner self and believe that you can do whatever the task at hand and get onto to working as though you have already accomplished it.
~ Jan, Tennesee

Absolutely loved the book! I am looking forward to seeing how far this will take me! I will definitely share this with all my friends. I truly hope your book gets into the hands of everyone whose life can benefit. It truly is perfection!  Thank you so very much!
~ Lorna, Washington

Good morning, James. I just finished reading your book, The Salesman and the Farmer and wanted you to know it was outstanding. The story and the message truly inspired me and I'd like to pass the book on to all my employees. I know it would inspire them to reach for higher goals. Please save my E-mail and let me know when your next book will be out. I can't wait.
~ Ron, Wisconsin

I absolutely LOVE this book. I’ve read many ‘goal setting’ and ‘self help’ books– this one is in a class by itself. By clearly defining the simple steps (call them ‘the secret’ if you’d like) that others miss, The Salesman and the Farmer has had a tremendous impact on both my business and personal life. J. Logan Arnold takes what others make complicated and turns it into something so easy, I now even use it with my grandkids. In 4 short months - despite the economy - business has grown incredibly and I am ENJOYING life like never before. Many, many, many thank-yous for this book – can’t wait for the second in the series.
~ Chris, Montana

I just finished reading your book. I thought it was great and I'm starting to read it a second time. The Salesman and the Farmer challenges the individual to look deep within one's self and realize that dreams are born inside our souls. Our dreams become reality depending on how we perceive our lives daily. If we keep focused on positive thoughts and dreams, while helping others achieve their dreams, we will realize our own success.
~ Bennettia, Texas

I just got done reading your book and enjoyed it so much. If I wouldn’t have had to go to work I would have read it straight through. It held my attention to the highest degree. Thanks for providing me this information. I’ve heard it before but you put it in a way for us to use in our everyday life. It must be awesome to write a book that could change so many people’s lives in such a positive way.
~ Joan, Montana

Finally! The magic key to the process I’ve been trying for years to make functional without a prime ingredient! I now feel that success is mine.
~ Marcia, Arizona

I thoroughly enjoyed your book and found it so delightful. I was very motivated to read it to the end in a short amount of time, even though I am so very busy! Parts of it had to be true...It was so real!
~ Collette, Kansas

J. Logan Arnold, I’m wondering about the story, is it a true? The book has had a profound influence on the way I am now thinking and I am hoping it will change my life like it did for Billy. I am in Real Estate Sales and all of the sudden I am getting very busy. I am very happy about this and I am trying not to over think what is happening—just feeling good about it.
~ Rose, New York

I cannot thank you enough for your book. I could not put it down. My business goals which seemed so difficult came together within days, In addition, it has inspired me to try help others when before my issues seemed so overwhelming. I know many people that could be empowered by your book and will order copies for friends and family that are struggling with similar issues.
~ Phil, California

Awesome book! I am a big deep sea angler, custom built a sportfish to fish, so really related quite well to this book and the strategies. Of course I cried at the end!! Laughed, Thought Deep and Cried, what more can you ask? *smiles* When is the next book going to print?
~ Lisa, Florida

J. Logan Arnold....This book is AWESOME and I could completely relate!! It tied in with my life so closely. I'm in my new fiscal year and while July was was for good reasons. My August is shaping up very nicely! Thanks and good luck with your book!
~ Jen, Colorado

Mr. Arnold, I just finished, The Salesman and the Farmer and will do a second read this week. As I was reading this over the last week, I have had the best week in months and will have a great next week, too!
~ Jeff, Tennessee

Ok, you got me. I finished the book yesterday and have a new favorite. I ordered 10 today.
~ Stephen, California

I have only compliments. I especially liked the technique you used to weave three of the most important aspects of a professional sales career (and life also) within the novel, then recapitulated them at the end. Thank you for sharing the experiences, characters and the charming story. Your use of sailing terms fueled our pleasure and lent credibility to your endeavor. Your work has much more potential for exposure and would make a delightful motion picture.
~ Don, Florida

"J. Logan Arnold's wonderful parable holds life lessons from which anyone can learn. His characters come to life as they move through their own adventures and learning curves. Not often does one find philosophy, adventure, compassion and the dilemma of choice wrapped up in one small, delightful book." 
~ Linda, Pennsylvania

"I just finished your book The Salesman and the Farmer and I thought it was great. There are lots of changes going on now and things don't look very promising. While I was reading the book I realized how much I have control over what happens in life. I think it is a best seller."
~ Teresa, Colorado

Like a ship without a sail I would eventually get to where I was going and felt like I was accomplishing great things but I never knew why and, more importantly, I KNEW I was missing something! After reading your book and beginning to live by the principles, my life has changed! The way I go about my daily activities HAS changed and now everything I do has purpose. I find myself thinking about work in a whole new light and I can not wait until I can get back out in the field! Those around me can see and can feel the changes I have made!
~ Dan, Utah

I am just getting into the book – AMAZING – I’ll be a fan! Thanks.
~ Linda, Missouri

What a wonderful book. It reinforces many strategic points that I have been teaching in my classes for years now. You've done a marvelous job with your novella. It will be at the top of my "must reads" for many years to come!
~ Layne, California

Your book "The Salesman and the Farmer" has stolen my heart more than any other. Your style of writing, your ability to bring the characters to life and the simplicity in which you describe the steps to dream fulfillment are incredible. I found myself smiling, drifting into deep thought about my own life and even crying big tears. You hit all of my emotions while reading this and I will be buying copies for all four of our children.
~ Jackie, Ohio

J. Logan Arnold, this book has changed my life overnight! I have read many books with the intention of growing my business and my personal self. The Salesman and the Farmer has taught me how to truly apply the laws. I always thought I was keeping a positive attitude and striving to achieve my goals and dreams. This book opened my eyes to the fact that I have been living ambiguously because as you say "the emotion behind the thought is the key" I was driven by fear of not meeting my goals, not achieving my dreams. With the help of this book I have learned to place the correct emotions behind my thoughts and now the sky is the limit! Let the magic begin!
~ Tracy, Florida